Quality Taekwondo Karate Martial Arts in Mattoon, Effingham, and Charleston Illinois

Taekwondo Master Roberts
This group is for our Students, their families, and their close friends.
Thank you.
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Novoline online casino echtgeld are a way to show the progress of a student. What EVERY Instructor goes by are the Gup or Grade.
We start with 10th Gup and count down to 1st Gup. 10th Gup is the first belt, a beginner, umsonst spielen. Our belt colors in order are as follows:
10th Grade – White
9th Grade – Yellow
8th Grade – Yellow w/Black Stripe
7th Grade – Green
6th Grade – Green w/Black Stripe
5th Grade – Blue
4th Grade – Blue w/Black Stripe
3rd Grade – Brown
2nd Grade – Red
1st Grade – Red w/Black Stripe

1R Black Belt
1D Black Belt
2nd Degree Black Belt
3rd Degree Black Belt

There are 9 Degrees of Black Belt
Students test the best slots with 10 no deposit casino in front of a panel of judges. We hold 3 testings a year, at the end of each semester. Students MUST know the material. Just showing up for class does NOT mean a student is ready to test. Students MUST come to class, try while they are in class.
Students that are in constant disrespect IN and OUT of the Taekwon-do classroom can be denied testing or even banned from attending class. We expect all students to learn the Tenets and Student Oath and have it in practice at all times.

It takes approx. 5 years for a student to earn their Black Belt.
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Students, you can find our Forms here.
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